YouTube Goldentusk presents Bad Timing review

The Goldentusk YouTube channel is the parody playground of Andy Goldberg. Goldentusk is a nickname he received in college and it has just stuck (you don’t want to ask). OK, you had to ask. The name refers to the character TUSK from the old school video game KILLER INSTINCT and the Golden color that he I would always choose. It also bears a striking resemblance to my name.

Andy has been uploading his humorous videos since 2006. Andy has moved into new territory with his humorous zombie apocalypse continuing story. Season One is 48:03 and Season Two is 1:09:03. You can watch the complete series (to date) in under 2 hours.

Bad Timing is a humorous love story set during the zombie apocalypse. The main character, played by Andy Goldberg, escapes the zombie outbreak at his job along with a female coworker he has a crush on.

The hilarity ensues from there with the introduction of his crush’s boyfriend, his mother, and another female survivor that his mother keeps trying to set him up with.

Bad Timing is a very well made indie film. The awkwardness of the main character can be endearing at times. You find yourself actually rooting for him even with all his flaws.

We recommend watching Bad Timing if you are looking for some light-hearted humor set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. It will leave you wanting Season Three.

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