Our top 5 favorite Doctor Who regenerations

Favorite Doctor Who actors

Science Fiction has been a popular genre for a long time.  One of the sci-fi shows that has stood the test of time is Doctor Who.  It has spawned a few spin-offs, but none have come close to the fandom Doctor Who has gained world-wide.  We have compiled our list of Top 5 Doctor Who portrayals.  We understand not all our audience are “Whovians” so here is a little back story on the BBC sci-fi phenomenon known as Doctor Who.

Doctor Who follows the adventures of the a rogue Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.  This Time Lord goes by the name “The Doctor”. The Doctor fled from Gallifrey in a stolen Mark I Type 40 TARDIS  (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) time machine.  The TARDIS allows him to travel across both time and space. The TARDIS has a “chameleon circuit” which normally allows the machine to take on the appearance of local objects as a disguise. However, the Doctor’s TARDIS remains fixed as a blue British police box due to a malfunction in the chameleon circuit.

There have been multiple actors portraying The Doctor.  To explain the new appearance of the Doctor the producers introduced the concept of regeneration.  This process permits the recasting of the main character.  They originally had to find a way to replace original star William Hartnell due to his poor health.  The device has allowed for the recasting of the actor various times in the show’s history.  It has also allowed the depiction of alternative Doctors either from the Doctor’s relative past or future.  It has also started many debates on who the best actor to portray the wily Time Lord.  The table below lists the actors that have been The Doctor in chronological order.

Series lead Incarnation Years
William Hartnell First Doctor 1963–66
Patrick Troughton Second Doctor 1966–69
Jon Pertwee Third Doctor 1970–74
Tom Baker Fourth Doctor 1974–81
Peter Davison Fifth Doctor 1982–84
Colin Baker Sixth Doctor 1984–86
Sylvester McCoy Seventh Doctor 1987–89
Paul McGann Eighth Doctor 1996
Christopher Eccleston Ninth Doctor 2005
David Tennant Tenth Doctor 2005–10
Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor 2010–13
Peter Capaldi Twelfth Doctor 2014–

In addition to those actors who have headlined the series, others have portrayed versions of the Doctor in guest roles. Notably, in 2013, John Hurt guest-starred as an unknown incarnation of the Doctor known as the War Doctor. He was retroactively inserted into the show’s fictional chronology between McGann and Eccleston’s Doctors Another example is from the 1986 serial The Trial of a Time Lord, where Michael Jayston portrayed the Valeyard (an amalgamation of the darker sides of the Doctor’s nature) somewhere between his twelfth and final incarnation.

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