The Witcher Rants & Review with spoilers

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The Witcher is the hottest thing on Netflix right now. It is a series based on the books and video games of the same name. It is a fantasy themed show with lots of magic and swordplay. Think of it as Game of Thrones with a lot more monsters. Henry Cavill plays the Witcher. This is a character that travels the countryside killing monsters for money. It’s a hard job, but he makes a living at it.

Even though the Witcher is the title character, he really takes a backseat to the magic using Yennefer. You see her rise up from lowly daughter of a pig farmer to one of the strongest magic users in the land. There are really 3 main story-lines: The Witcher, Yennefer, and Ciri. All 3 of these stories are interwoven and they eventually all end up together at the end.

Our only complaint about The Witcher is the non-linear timeline. They don’t give you any subtitles or visual clues to let you know there are big jumps in the timeline. If they had included those it would be easier to follow. Or even better, just tell the story in linear time. It doesn’t really help develop anything with all the jumping around.

Overall, we enjoyed The Witcher. It is definitely a series you should watch more than once so all the subtleties and timeline maneuvering can sink in. It has already been renewed for season 2. Looks like Netflix has another hit on their hands.

Have you watched all the episodes yet? What did you think about the crazy timeline? Did we miss anything important? Let us know in the comments.

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