Talkin Table Top Deck Building Games

Danny and Trevor give us the list of their top 5 favorite deck building games.  There is a bit of disagreement between them as to what constitutes a deck building game.

What is a Deck Building Game

A deck-building game is a card game that uses building a deck as the main focus of the gameplay. It is similar to collectible card games (CCGs) in that each player has their own deck.  Unlike CCGs the cards generally are not sold in randomized packs. The majority of the deck is built during the game rather than before the game. Typically, the cards provide a type of game currency which allows players to buy more cards to add to their decks.

The main camera battery died with about 2 minutes left.  We apologize for the audio quality from that point on.

Hopefully you have seen a game in this video you are interested in but not aware of.  Remember, play safe and keep playing games.

Deck Building Top 5

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