Talk Nerdy to Me for the week of June 22, 2019

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We’re back with another episode of Talk Nerdy to Me. We discuss the pop culture happenings for the week. This week was a bit of a slow week for Nerdy News, but there are a coupla things that happened.

The new Men In Black International movie is not doing well at the box office. They just can’t quite replicate the chemistry that Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith have together.

Marvel is releasing a new version of Avengers End Game with deleted footage and more after credits. Seems like a blatant attempt to dethrone Avatar from highest grossing movie.

More Keanu news. Marvel is in talks to have Keanu in one of their movies. He is the hottest thing in media right now so it is a good move. They need to think very carefully about what character he will be. If they choose the right character for him, it will be iconic. What character would you have Keanu Reeves portray in the MCU?

We have also added a Google Voice number where you can call and leave us your thoughts. If they are good, we will use them on the show. The number is (575) 323-1332.

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