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Jack and Troy from geek out about the upcoming Spider-man Homecoming movie

After the hack of Sony Entertainment we found out they were working with Marvel Studios to produce a string of Spider-man films.  We have already seen Spider-man in Captain America: Civil War.  Spider-man was easily one of the favorite characters of that movie.  The prior Spider-man movies have not been able to capture all the little nuances that make Spider-man so popular.  That seems to have changed now with Marvel back at the helm.

The movie has some big names in the cast.  Tom Holland will be returning as the title character.  Robert Downey Jr. will be reprising his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man.  Marisa Tomei is back as Peter Parker’s Aunt May.  Bokeem Woodbine has been signed to play an undisclosed villain.  Add to that Michael Keaton as the Vulture.  The route Marvel wants to take with the Spider-man films is to follow Peter Parker through his high school years.  They want to capture his conflicts as he struggles to balance normal high school issues with fighting deadly super-villains.

“We want to play with Spider-Man in the high school years because frankly there’ve been five Spider-Man films and… there are so many things from the comics that haven’t been done yet. Not just characters or villains or supporting characters, but sides to his character… I think it was midway through the first film that he graduated high school. At the beginning of the second Marc Webb film, he graduated high school. And some of my favorite Spider-Man arcs and Spider-Man stories, he’s in high school for a lot of it. We want to explore that. That also makes him very, very different from any of our other characters in the MCU…”

—Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios

Feige also said if additional films were made one of the ideas [Marvel] has is for the films to follow the model of the Harry Potter film series.  The plot of each film would cover a new school year, adding “it was sort of how do we do a journey for Peter not dissimilar for what the students of Hogwarts would go through each of their years”.

With Spider-man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe the door is open for other Marvel characters to appear alongside Peter Parker.  While he is great as a solo act, some of the best stories have him working with other superheroes.

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