DC Comics Sanctuary title will explore Superhero PTSD

We love to see our action heroes duking it out with their arch-nemesis. The bigger the battle, the more we like it. What we don’t typically think about is the mental affect this has on the superhero. Constantly fighting for your life can take a toll on your psyche. DC Comics and Tom King are …

DC Comics Wonder Woman movie

Jack and Troy from Zia Comics discuss the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Wonder Woman is one of DC Comics Trinity, but she has taken a backseat to Batman and Superman until now. For those who watched Batman vs Superman, it’s hard to deny Wonder Woman stole the show.

Wonder Woman has been gaining popularity over …

Justice League versus The Power Rangers

DC Comics and Boom Studios crossover

If you are in any comic book store for longer than a few minutes you will undoubtedly hear the “who would win in a fight between…” arguments. These conversations have been the staple of comic book conversations for as long as I can remember.

If the two parties were …