Punisher on Netflix discussion

If you’ve been paying attention to Netflix you had to notice they are betting heavily on Marvel Comics characters. So far We have seen 2 Daredevil series, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Defenders. Now Netflix is promising to have The Punisher series on Netflix before the end of the year.

The Punisher, a.k.a …

Marvel Comics Deadpool vs Punisher 5 issue series

Deadpool vs Punisher limited series comic book

By now everyone knows who Deadpool is due to the success of his movie. Even the most non-nerdy people have at least heard the name and know he is a quirky comic book character. Judging by the box office, Wade Wilson is a very popular guy.

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Doctor Strange / Punisher Magic Bullets

Magic Bullets teams up Doctor Strange and the Punisher

You would be hard pressed to find 2 Marvel Comics characters that are farther apart from each other in every aspect than Doctor Strange and the Punisher.  It only makes sense for them to appear together in a crossover mini-series.

Frank Castle encounters a new kind …

Talk Nerdy to Me Daredevil season 2 review

Talk Nerdy to Me Daredevil season 2 review

Jack and Troy from ZiaComics.com geek out about the new season of Daredevil on Netflix. “Daredevil” follows Matt Murdock, attorney by day and vigilante by night.

Matt Murdock was blinded as the result of an accident as a child.  He now uses his heightened senses to fight