Marvel Comics Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow

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Marvel Comics fans may remember the old “What If?” series they used to publish. They would focus on a pivotal moment in Marvel history and show what may have happened if different decisions were made by the characters. Now instead of trying to restart the What If title, they are running mini-series …

Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse discussion

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We are looking forward to Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse. Can’t wait to see Miles Morales make his big screen debut along with some other lesser known Spider-characters.  The villains for this animated movie look really formidable as well.  Cross your fingers that Sony gets Spider-man right this time.

If Spider-man: Into the …

Spider Man into the Spider Verse movie review

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We have been anticipating Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse ever since the first trailer hit the internet. The comic book inspired animation along with the choice of having Miles Morales as the lead character was 2 great decisions.

Miles Morales has been a favorite of comic book readers since he was created by …