Sigma Comics Here Comes Calico #4 Kickstarter

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If you are an animal lover, you will enjoy Sigma Comics “Here Comes Calico”. Calico is the main character and he is the embodiment of justice for all mistreated animals. This comic does NOT pull any punches! If you are the least bit squeamish about violence… you might want to skip a …

Sigma Comics Here Comes Calico #2 review

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Here Comes Calico issue #2 picks right up where the first issue stopped. Our animal avenger, Calico, is hot on the heels of catching the brutal seal clubber while still trying to locate Dr. Klaw.

Publishers Description

Writing: H.H. GERMAN


In the midst of a global investigation into the …

Interview with HH German of Sigma Comics

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I received a sample copy of the new title from independent comics publisher, Sigma Comics, called “Here Comes Calico”. I planned on breezing through the comic just to get the gist of what it is about. That plan changed as soon as I saw the first page!

Calico starts out with the …