SYFY | HAPPY! Season 2 Episode 8 | A Friend of Death | Kinda spoilery review

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Season 2 of Happy ended on a really good note. All the different story-lines got tied up all nice and neat. They even segued perfectly into Season 3.

Sonny got his Easter extravaganza on air with the help of Orcus. Sonny was oblivious to the fact that Orcus was plotting his demise on national TV. Orcus was also using Smoothie to have Sonny murdered. Smoothie groomed Hailey to do the murder as his plot for revenge on Nick.

Nick was able to overcome the drugs Smoothie used to incapacitate him. Nick dove in front of the bullet Hailey fired to kill Sonny. Then Hailey’s mom killed Sonny, thus preventing her from becoming a murderer (unless you count Nick). Nick ended up dying from the bullet, but Orcus intercepted him on his way to the big orgy in the sky. Orcus talked Nick into going back to life in order to exact revenge upon Smoothie (in exchange for working for Orcus).

The season finale was a great way to end a season that had so many subplots. We also got to have Jeff Goldblum as God, nice touch. SYFY recently announced they would not be picking up Happy for a season 3. Let’s hope someone nabs that license. I can’t wait to see a Halloween version of Happy!

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