SyFy channel Happy Season 2 Episode 2 review – a little spoilerish

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Episode 2 sees our friend, Nick Sax, fail horribly at keeping his promises at staying straight and sober. It all starts when his ex-wife can’t block the visions of what happened to her in season 1.

She drops Hailey off with Nick unexpectedly. He is not prepared for a day with her. Mostly because there are human organs in his fridge that he plans to sell.

Nick leans on Happy for advice on what to do with Hailey. After her traumatic kidnap experience in season 1 she hasn’t been able to see her imaginary friend. Happy suggests they go to build a bear. Hailey is bored out of her mind which goes to prove she has outgrown Happy.

Nick takes her to see horses at an Off Track Betting (OTB) business. They start by betting imaginary money on horses. Realizing it was a bad move, Nick leaves with Hailey only to be confronted by someone that threatens his family if he doesn’t pull a job for him.

Long story short, Nick ends up killing a lot of people with Hailey in the car. She seems okay with it as long as he is truthful with her, which he isn’t. He doesn’t want to corrupt her with his lifestyle.

This episode carries on with the wacky humor and over the top gore. There’s just something about an imaginary friend chastising you as you commit unspeakable crimes. Oh yea, the Sonny Shine/Smoothie story line gets a little creepier also. Can’t wait to see where this season ends up.

Did you enjoy episode 2 as much as us? Do you like Happy even though you can’t explain why? Let us know in the comments.


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