SyFy channel Happy Season 2 Episode 1 review – a little spoilerish

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The first season of Happy on SyFy was a pleasant surprise for me. All the previews looked really silly and didn’t do much to capture my interest. On a whim I decided to give the first episode a view. All I can say is WOW!

I immediately binged the whole first season. I learned that Grant Morrison was one of the creators of the show and it all made sense. I told everyone I know to watch Happy. The interaction between Patton Oswalt(Happy) and Christopher Meloni(Nick Sax) just seems to work so well.

If you didn’t watch Season 1 let me get you up to speed. Chris Meloni is an ex-cop that has a drug, alcohol, and violence problem. His daughter ends up being abducted by a weird villain called “Very Bad Santa”. He has connections to the bigger bad guys “Smoothie” and “Sonny Shine”. Nick’s daughter has an imaginary friend named Happy. Happy seeks out Nick to help him rescue her. For some reason, Nick is an adult that can see and talk to imaginary friends. If that sounds weird… it gets better. That is enough to give you the where and how about Happy. For more you’ll just have to watch season 1 for yourself.

So, at the end of Season 1 Nick is reunited with his ex-wife and daughter. He wants to have a relationship with his daughter so he pledges to clean up his act. Season 2 starts with Nick stopping drinking, drugging, and whoring. He even gets a steady job, albeit as a cab driver. The first episode does a good job of setting up Nick’s internal conflict of his past life and his desire to be a better man and father. We also learn that Smoothie and Sonny Shine are still around and up to no good. Looks like season 2 will be just as twisted and enjoyable as the first season. Thank you , Grant Morrison.

Did you watch Happy? Did you enjoy it as much as we did? Or did you think it was just meh? Let us know in the comments.


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