Star Wars Force Friday II preview

Patrick and Troy from discuss all the new Star Wars stuff that will be coming out for Force Friday II.  For those that don’t know, Force Friday started in 2016.  It was the Friday where all the new Star Wars movie related toys were released to retailers.  Lots of Star Wars fans waited in line at participating retailers to be one of the first people to purchase some of the new merchandise.  Some of the items are limited, so only the first few people in line were able to get them.

The Star Wars costuming groups (501st Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, Rebel Alliance) will be at the midnight openings for some of the participating stores.  It is almost like Black Friday for Star Wars fans.  The manufacturers do their best to try to keep the new Star Wars stuff under wraps, but some stuff eventually gets leaked online.  We spent most of the day looking/drooling at all the cool new toys, gadgets, clothes, etc.   This podcast has the items we could find that will be for sale on Star Wars Force Friday II.

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