Star Trek Picard Season 1 Episode 1 review with SPOILERS

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It seems like everyone has their own streaming service any more. CBS decided to throw their hat in the ring with CBS All Access. They plan for their big draw to be the Star Trek franchise. The first big show made exclusively for their streaming service is Picard. This series picks up years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis and focuses mostly on Captain Jean Luc Picard.

In the first episode we learn Jean Luc was able to retire from Starfleet. He is living on the grounds of his vineyard in France, Chateau Picard. We learn he left Starfleet over a disagreement in the the events during and after Nemesis were handled.

After being re-introduced to Jean Luc, the story jumps over to Dahj. This character seems to be really getting her life set up the way she wants it with a good boyfriend and a great job lined up. That is until some assassins pop into her apartment and kill her boyfriend. They place something on her head and the readout tells them she hasn’t been activated yet. They then place a bag over her head and we learn what they meant by activated.

Something clicks in her mind and she takes out all the assassins with the bag on her head. She has visions of Jean Luc so she searches him out. She finds him, but decides to leave so she doesn’t endanger him.

Jean Luc searches through the Starfleet archives to try to find out what is happening. Dahj rejoins Jean Luc only to be jumped by more assassins. One of their helmets is damaged enough that you can see they are Romulans. Dahj’s luck runs out and one of the assassins is able to take her out before he dies.Jean Luc also finds out they may be able to restore Data from just a few neurons.

The story jumps to another new character. It appears Dahj has a twin sister, Soji. This sister appears to be working with the Romulans as she is talking to one in the middle of a hangar full of Romulan ships.

The big reveal is at the end of the episode as they pan out from Soji in the hangar to reveal the location is actually….. ON A BORG CUBE! dun, dun DUNNNN!

We really liked the first episode. There was a lot of nostalgia seeing some of the Star Trek: The Next Generation people/events. According to the previews we will be seeing a few more before the end of the season.

Have you seen episode 1 yet? Did we miss any references/easter eggs? Let us know in the comments.

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