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If you are an animal lover, you will enjoy Sigma Comics “Here Comes Calico”. Calico is the main character and he is the embodiment of justice for all mistreated animals. This comic does NOT pull any punches! If you are the least bit squeamish about violence… you might want to skip a lot of these pages. Calico gets revenge for all the abused animals.

Sigma is not one of the big corporate publishers. They are running a Kickstarter to get issue#4 to print. Take some of the Christmas money Grandma gave ya and support this amazing comic book. Visit the Kickstarter page If you can’t click that link, just go to Kickstarter and search for Sigma Comics.

Kickstarter Description



NYC’s resident animal defender is back for more teeth-smashing, skull-cracking action! Follow Hector Gil as he continues his search for perpetrators of the most vile animal cruelty cases. He stops at NOTHING to bring the guilty to justice!!! TEAM The wonderfully talented Sigma Comics team keeps the creativity pumping, with another gripping story from H.H. German, interior art by Javier Orabich, colors by Daniel Grimaldi, and cover art by Garnabiel.


Join Sigma Comics in our fight against animal abuse! We’re raising funds to help with costs for printing, distributing and marketing the fourth issue of CALICO VOLUME 1. Here’s a great chance for you to support this wonderful project. We had a successful crowdfunding effort for the first three issues and are looking forward to even better results in this effort! In addition to purchasing our comics, you can also support us by making a donation to our cause! To PURCHASE or DONATE, simply click BACK THIS PROJECT, and you’ll see both options. You can purchase or donate as much as you like! Every bit helps us get closer to our goal!

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