Marvel Comics Inhumans TV series on ABC

ABC and Marvel are teaming up again for another TV series based on a Marvel Comics title. The Inhumans will share continuity with the films and television series that are already in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Marvel has done very well translating their big name characters and titles into blockbusters. They have also had tremendous success bringing some of their lesser knowns into the limelight (Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, etc). We are hoping that trend continues with the Inhumans.

First Appearance of the Inhumans as a team was in Fantastic Four #45, 1965. They have been around the Marvel Universe on the periphery ever since then. They would bring them out once in a blue moon (no pun intended… see below reference their current base of operations). The Inhumans are not mutants in the same sense as a majority of the earth-bound superheroes and villains. Their beginnings are a little more involved.

Millions of years ago during the Kree-Skrull War, the Kree discovered sentient life on Earth. Upon further investigation they found the inhabitants of Earth had genetic potential invested in them by the Celestials. The Kree experimented on Earth’s primitive beings by splicing Eternals DNA into Cro-Magnons.

The Kree were investigating possible ways to work around their evolutionary stagnation. They were also seeking to create a powerful mutant race of soldiers to use against the Skrulls. They were successful in creating a strain of humans with extraordinary abilities. For unknown reasons the Kree abandoned their experiments.

These abandoned test subjects formed a society of their own and called themselves the Inhumans. They remained isolated from humans and developed advanced technology. The Inhumans city, Attilan, has frequently been relocated. It is currently located in the oxygen-bearing Blue Area of the Moon.

An Inhuman geneticist discovers Terrigen Mist. The Terrigen Mist is a natural mutagen derived as a vapor from Terrigen Crystals. The Mist has the ability to alter Inhuman biology. Sometimes the mutated subjects gain superhuman abilities.

In the past uncontrolled exposure to the Mists mutated the majority of the Inhuman population into hideously deformed monsters. After many centuries of eugenics and birth control, the Inhumans were able to mitigate the genetic damage caused by Terrigen Mists.

Inhumans will debut on IMAX screens on September 1, 2017. It is the first live action television series to debut in IMAX. It will play for two weeks in IMAX before the series premieres on ABC September 29. The first season will run for eight episodes.

There are many great Inhuman characters. If they do a good job developing those characters the show will be successful. If they rely too heavily on CGI and making Lockjaw a comedic character, they may be in trouble.

Tell us what you think about the upcoming Inhumans TV series. Who is your favorite Inhuman character? Do you think the series will be another home run for Marvel or will this be their first misstep?

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