M. Night Shyamalan Glass Review and audience reactions

Download this episodeM. Night Shyamalan completed his Eastrail trilogy with Glass. It is the sequel to both Unbreakable and Split. Glass ties the previous two movie together rather nicely. In Unbreakable you are introduced to Elijah Price and David Dunn. Elijah Price has a rare disease causing his bones to be brittle and broken easily. David Dunn finds out he is super strong and impervious to a lot of injuries. In Split we get to meet Kevin Wendell Crumb and his 20+ personalities. We find out that one of those personalities is the Beast who also has superhuman strength. Glass stitches these two movies together. Glass should shut the door on the Eastrail trilogy, but it opens the door for another related movie. All I am gonna say is I am thinking about getting a clover tattoo. We recommend watching Glass, especially if you’ve seen the previous two movies. If you’ve seen Glass let us know if you agree/disagree in the comments. CHECK OUT THE GUYS THAT MAKE US LOOK GOOD SUBSCRIBE to watch more videos like this one! LET’S CONNECT! — Talk Nerdy to Me FacebookZia Comics FacebookZia Comics TwitterZia Comics InstagramTalk Nerdy to Me websiteZia Comics website LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST! – iTunesStitcherGoogle Play LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST! Glass #Unbreakable #Split #JamesMcAvoy #SamuelLJackson #BruceWillis