Talk Nerdy to Me Jaime Carrillo (Remastered)

Talk Nerdy to Me THE Jaime Carrillo Episode (Remastered)

Jack and Troy talk with THE Jaime Carrillo about his artwork and what inspires him. We discover his secret identity when he is not creating breathtaking pieces of art.  We coax him to divulge his favorite comic character.  We even get him to confess what comic artist he enjoys.

Jaime Carrillo has done work for Marvel, Upper Deck, Heavy Metal Magazine, Wizards of the Coast (Dungeons and Dragons), Fantasy Flight Games (Warhammer, Chaosium, and Game of Thrones), and numerous independent gaming companies and magazines.

Jaime’s day job

Middle school math teach by day, prolific comic book artist by night, native El Pasoan Jaime Carrillo leads a lift of distinct polar opposites much like your common comic book super hero. Instead of donning a mask and cape, Jaime transforms into his alter ego with the aid of his oil paints and the enterprising story lines concocted by his sister and business partner, Elena Carrillo.

Together they created “Here There Be Monsters” press. Over the years they have released epic tales like “Eleison”, “The Orchard”, “Jack”, and “The Resurrectionist”. “The Resurrectionist” is a gritty werewolf tale set in Antebellum America. They are both passionate about history and extravagant myths.  This explains why each of their releases are noir fantasies steeped in historical backgrounds ranging from the Knights Templar to the Civil War.

Carrillo is not a formally trained artist.  Other than a few art classes he is completely self-taught.  He does meet with his mentor once a year at San Diego Comic Con.  “Every year he pretty much rips my portfolio to pieces,” Jaime says.  “He shows me where I could refine my work a little more and teaches me new methods.”

Please note, this is a remastered and edited episode from back in 2015. The original footage was found in the archives so we decided to make this a more coherent and enjoyable clip for your viewing pleasure.

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