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I received a sample copy of the new title from independent comics publisher, Sigma Comics, called “Here Comes Calico”. I planned on breezing through the comic just to get the gist of what it is about. That plan changed as soon as I saw the first page!

Calico starts out with the lead character becoming upset while watching a video of someone abusing a dog. I instantly hated the imaginary person beating the dog. I am a big time animal lover so it was really disturbing to me. I can watch hundreds of people being killed in a movie, but if one animal gets hurt it bothers me.

We find out the lead character, Hector Gil, is part of a group of people that track down these animal abusers and give them a little dose of their own medicine. I’m sure most of us animal lovers have dreamed about doing the same thing. Make those abusers suffer their own torture, well… Calico delivers that justice and more. We get to see him mete out his “eye for an eye” style justice at the end of issue #1.

There are also some subtle hints that his group is larger than just himself and they have some pretty good technology on their side. This first issue really left me wanting to find out more about Calico and his band of animal avengers. If your LCS doesn’t carry this title, have them contact Sigma Comics directly to get some delivered, they won’t be sorry.

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