Hero Trade Comic Book by Bad Idea Comics Matt Kindt & David Lapham

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The Hero Trade comic book arrived in store with absolutely no fanfare or warning. We received it in the mail with a letter stating the following:

Dear comic shop,

I am sending you one copy of my first self-published comic, The Hero Trade #1, free of charge.

Please don’t throw it away. I’d love it if you could put it on your shelf and sell it.

If you would like to order more, please email us directly at theherotrade@gmail.com and include your store name/shipping address.

Copies are $3 each [shipping included). Just let us know how many you’d like to order by no later than 9/13/20.

Thank you in advance for your support.

The story was really intriguing, but I passed on buying any due to the price point. If I buy it at $3, I need to sell it at $6 to make my margin. I just didn’t think an independent title by an unknown artist/writer would move off the shelf at that price. That coupled with the fact the comic was only about 16 pages long with only 8 pages of actual story.

Later it was revealed the story was written by Matt Kindt and art was by David Lapham. You might recognize those two names from such titles as MIND MGT and STRAY BULLETS. A coupla powerhouse names for a supposedly unknown independent comic. We also found out this was another completely outside the box marketing ploy by Bad Idea Comics (Yup, those guys of the Button fame).

They announced this would be one of the titles under their new flag. The first official release for Bad Idea will be Eniac (Hero Trade is considered an ashcan). They will re-run the story as part of Eniac #3. I really like the concept behind the story. A low level street guy somehow gets possession of a superhero’s body. He is selling off pieces of the body to the highest bidders. On the last page we find out the superhero is not quite dead yet (insert Monty Python monologue here).

This will be the first appearance of Captain Fab as well. The only reason I can think they want to mention that is the character must not die. This comic book is selling consistently for $600-$800 on Ebay. There are estimated to only be about 250-300 in existence. There were originally 100 Bad Idea approved stores. I think they expanded that to around 200 in their second wave. Only a coupla stores opted to buy copies for a total of maybe 50 more issues. Considering a lot of stores probably tossed them in the trash… they are kinda rare.

Dinesh Shamdasani, Warren Simons, and Hunter Gorinson’s are the ones behind Bad Idea comics. In addition to Lapham and Kindt, they have announced Jeff Lemiere is working with them too. The interesting thing to note is Dinesh Shamdasani is known for being a producer on the Vin Diesel Bloodshot movie, Ninjak vs Valiant Universe web series, and the Witcher & Expanse TV series. How long will it be until we start seeing Bad Idea characters on the TV or big screen?

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