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If you are old enough to remember the first Hellboy (2004) or even Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) you know what a perfect fit Ron Perlman was to play the title role. Not only did he look the part when in costume, but his demeanor and swagger was a perfect portrayal of the character. Add in Guillermo del Toro as the writer/director and it was a recipe for success.

For some reason, the powers that be decided to not use del Toro for the third installment of the Hellboy franchise. Ron Perlman told them, if del Toro is out… so am I. Which is what led us to getting David Harbour as our new Hellboy.

I think David Harbour is a great actor. He is a believable Hellboy. My issues come with what I have seen in the trailers for this movie thus far. There seems to be an abundance of CGI rather than practical effects. CGI is great when done correctly and not overused. The CGI in the trailer kinda pulls you out of the moment. The look of Hellboy in the first trailer was alarming. They did make him look better in this most recent trailer, but there is still something not quite right. The face appears to be very mask-like. Not a lot of movement in the face. It’s almost like he got too much Botox at the plastic surgeon’s office.

The story is one we have seen before as well. An evil entity shows up and wants to team up with Hellboy to bring the supernatural creatures to prominence in our world. The writers should have dug a little deeper into the Hellboy library to find one of the many great stories that haven’t been brought to the big screen yet.

Hellboy is one of our favorite comic book characters. We are hoping they are able to correct the shortcomings that appear in the trailers before the movie hits theaters. Do you agree with us about what you saw in the trailer? Let us know in the comments.


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