Flash War outcome

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The Flash War came and went without much of a disturbance to the DC Universe. The previous statement is false!

The race between Barry Allen and Wally West damaged the Source Wall. This damage led to three other forces being released into the DCU. We now have the Speed Force joined by the Sage Force, Strength Force, and Still Force.

I am sure these new forces will start to wreak havoc on the DCU over the next year. We will see what all these new forces control in due time.

Another thing that came about from the damage done to the Source Wall, is a long forgotten character was able to sneak out of the Speed Force and back into the DCU. Bart Allen, a.k.a. Impulse, is now back in the main DCU.

Impulse was a fan favorite character during his time with Young Justice. We can only hope that he returns to his former prominence… or that his old teammates even remember him. Being remembered seems to be what tethers Speed Force people to the DCU.

What do you think about Impulse being back in the DCU? Do you believe Wally West is ready to stop being Flash? Let us know in the comments below.

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