Fast & Furious presents Hobbs and Shaw movie review and audience reactions at Alamo Drafthouse

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The Fast & Furious franchise is a behemoth at the box office. The series of movies introduced a ton of great characters in their cinematic run. It was only a matter of time before a spin-off using some of those characters happened. We now have Fast & Furious presents Hobbs & Shaw.

Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw were two very popular supporting characters from the Fast & Furious franchise. When you see the on screen chemistry between these two actors, it was inevitable they would get a movie together. Rock and Jason Statham are like an action hero odd couple. Their over the top bravado and constant one liners directed at each other make for great comedic interludes in the action.

Speaking of action, there are enough explosions in this movie to make Michael Bay jealous. There are things blowing up just for the sake of blowing up. A car side-swipes a wall…the whole building explodes. The pyrotechnic bill for this movie must be astronomical.

If you wanted to see a bunch of cool tuners or awesome muscle cars, you would be disappointed. Hobbs & Shaw focused on action sequences and explosions rather than cool driving shots. If you’re into rat-rods just wait until they make their way to Samoa.

The audience we spoke to all gave the movie high marks. If you are a fan of action movies, you should enjoy Hobbs & Shaw. Idris Elba is a formidable bad guy. Our only complaint is they beat him too easily and then he was disposed of too handily at the end. If you like the frenemy aspect of Hobbs and Shaw in the previous movies, you get a double dose of it in this movie.

Overall, Hobbs & Shaw was a very enjoyable movie. It will be interesting to see if they make sequels to this spin-off. The after credit scenes definitely set it up for sequels. Oh, you will want to stay until the very last credit is off the screen. There are a coupla after movie scenes that are worth waiting for.

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