The Exorcist TV series on FOX

The Exorcist is coming to the small screen

Jack and Troy from get all nerdy about the new FOX TV series, The Exorcist. The original movie of the same name scared the pants off me as a little kid.

My parents wouldn’t let me watch it, so like all kids I found a way around that. The brother of one of my friends had a taped VCR copy of the movie. For those who were born after the 80’s, a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) is a device you use to put video tapes into and it would allow you to watch the movie that was recorded on that tape. This was before DVDs or Bluray. When you were finished watching the movie you actually had to rewind it back to the beginning. If you didn’t rewind it you would face the wrath of the video store clerk.

So we “borrowed” the VCR tape from my friends brother. We all had a sleep-over at our other friends house. His parents never checked on what we were doing in the basement. We stayed up late that night and watched The Exorcist. To say it scared us is an understatement.

For years after watching that movie I would flick off the lights in my room and take a running leap to my bed. There was no way anything under my bed was gonna catch me. I don’t know why my little kid logic made me do that since there were no scenes in the movie with a monster under the bed. All I can say is it made sense to me back then.

Fast forward to 2016 and FOX announces they are bringing The Exorcist to the small screen as a series. A little girl is possessed and her mother (Geena Davis) is struggling to find someone to perform an exorcism. If the writing is good on this series it will be a big hit. People love scary movies and in my book there isn’t much scarier than having your body taken over by a demon.

Jack and I are holding our breath and crossing our fingers that this new series can recapture that adrenaline inducing, heart skipping scariness. Watch the series and let us know in the comments what your thoughts are.

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