Doom Patrol episode 5 on DC Universe kinda spoiler free review

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We are now on episode 5 of what we like to call “Why is Cyborg here”. This episode is titled Paw Patrol for a reason you will find out later.

At the end of episode 4 we saw Mr. Nobody forging a kinda truce with The Chief in order to stop the Decreator. The only reason Mr. Nobody agreed is if there is nothing left he can’t rule over it.

This episode has a lot of Crazy Jane’s Doctor Harrison persona. The Chief and Mr. Nobody go back in time and have her create a cult to oppose the Decreator. Mr. Nobody names this entity…. The Recreator. Admittedly not one for catchy names.

Their plan works and the Decreator is stopped from destroying all things. We get to see a little more about The Chief, like his relationship to Baphomet, A little more about Rita’s emotions is dealt with, Negative Man has another pity party for himself, Robot Man does a bit more swearing, and Cyborg takes up space without really contributing again.

This was not our favorite episode, but it is still a pretty good episode in comparison to other shows on TV. Doom Patrol is a weird show just like it’s namesake comic book. The characters are really starting to discover themselves and we are introduced to new characters each week. We also get to see new Crazy Jayne personalities quite a bit. Doom Patrol has been a good series so far and there are still ten episodes left in the season. DC Universe has another hit on their hands with this show.

Do you agree with us that Doom Patrol is a really good series or do you think it is just meh? Let us know in the comments.


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