Don’t F**k with Cats Hunting an Internet Killer review with spoilers

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If you watch Don’t F**k with Cats thinking it is gonna be filled with cute kitten memes, you are mistaken. While the 3 part series starts with cats it quickly turns into something much more dark and macabre.

A sick and demented person posts videos of himself killing cats. A group of people band together to try to identify and locate this person. At first they just want him to be brought to justice for the senseless killing of poor little cats. It eventually turns into a quest to stop the lunatic before his murderous tendencies turns to humans.

This series plays out like a longer episode of CSI. The way they compile the evidence and eventually name and locate him. I originally thought this was a made for Netflix show, but after checking the Google machine, I found it is in fact very real.

The series kept my interest for the mystery solving aspect of it. Every time they announced a new video had been released by the murderer my anxiety level went up. In the end I kinda agreed with Baudi Moovan. If this guy had no audience, would he have kept doing it? Are we partly responsible for creating this monster? It presents quite the quandary that still bothers me.

Have you watched the series? Do you think we, as the audience, are partly to blame? Let us know in the comments.

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