Doc Ock – Superior Octopus getting Marvel title

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One of Spider-man’s most iconic villains is Doctor Octopus. The silhouette of a man with mechanical tentacles is hard to mistake. Doc Ock is also a genius level intellect. All of these things coupled with his desire to be better make him a very compelling character.

Back in Superior Spider-man we saw Doc Ock’s body battered and beaten. He was unable to control many of his physical motions. His brain was still working just fine though. He engineered a way to transplant his mind into Peter Parker’s body. He always thought Spider-man wasn’t living up to his full potential. Ock decided he would use Peter’s powers to make Spider-man the best possible version he could be, a Superior Spider-man.

At the conclusion of Superior Spider-man we see Ock give Peter his body back. Ock’s mind was transferred into the Living Brain secretly. Now we see Doc Ock back with a perfect version of his own body. He will be wearing his Hydra-Ock outfit from Secret Empire (when he was a Hydra Avenger).

The Superior Spider-man story-line was a little controversial. A lot of readers didn’t like seeing Spider-man without Peter Parker’s mind in control. I actually enjoyed the story. I liked how Ock did all the things Peter couldn’t do or had difficulty accomplishing.

The Superior Octopus title should give us a continuation of sorts to the Superior Spider-man arc. We can’t wait to see the direction Marvel goes with Superior Ock. Will he be the same old villain? Will he be a hero? Or will he be somewhere in between?

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