Disney Plus Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 8 review with spoilers

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Episode 8 was a great way to end the season. A few questions were answered, but now we have a lot more. We learn that Cara Dune’s middle name is Cynthia and Greef is a disgraced Magistrate. We also find out the Mandalorian’s name is Din Djarin. IG-11 proves that Kuill’s programming was top notch. He takes out the two biker scouts that kidnapped Little Yodes. He then proceeds to race through town on the speeder bike taking out troopers along the way.

IG-11 reunites with Greef, Cara, and Mando with Little Yodes in tow. They are able to escape through the sewers. Mando leads them to the Mandalorian hide-a-way hoping they will escort them out to the ship only to find a stack of armor.The Blacksmith is there melting down the armor from the fallen Mandos so they can reforge it into armor for other Mandos in the future. She tells the group to restock on weapons and ammo and go out through the lava river to get to their ship. After they leave the Blacksmith some Imperial troops try to question her, but she dispatches them quickly with nothing more than her blacksmithing tools.

Mando’s group discovers an ambush of troopers waiting for them at the exit of the underground lava river. IG-11 makes the ultimate sacrifice by self destructing in the midst of the troopers to clear the way for Mando’s group. Just when you thought they were good to go, Moff Gideon swoops in with his TIE fighter to try to stop them. Mando uses his newly acquired jetpack to plant thermal detonators on the TIE fighter which grounds Moff Gideon.

Greef and Cara decide to stay on Nevarro and keep running the Bounty Hunters guild. Mando and Little Yodes take off in the Razorcrest to find where to return Yodes to his people. You think that is the end…. but no. The Jawas are scavenging Moff Gideon’s wrecked TIE fighter when you see a black blade cut through the side. Moff Gideon steps out of the TIE fighter holding what appears to be the Dark Saber.

If you don’t know what the Dark Saber is you can watch Clone Wars or take the quick way and Google it. The Mandalorian is giving us a great Star Wars story without relying on big name character cameos. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of easter eggs and references to other Star Wars stuff though. So far, season 1 seems to have balanced out the new characters and story-line with just the right amount of pandering to the fans.

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