Disney Plus Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 7 review with spoilers

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Episode 7 reunites Mando with a lot of the characters we’ve met in earlier episodes. Now you know why the character building episodes were thrown into the season. It starts with a message from Greef Karga that he wants Mando’s help to get rid of the Imperial presence on his planet. Ever since Mando took off with Little Yodes, the former Empire has been coming there in large numbers. That is making it difficult for the Bounty Hunters Guild to do business. If he helps get rid of the former Imperials, Greef will clear his name so he doesn’t have to keep running.

Mando is pretty sure it’s a trap, but he doesn’t really have many options. His first stop is to enlist the help of Cara Dune. Cara is not too hyped to help until she learns it is against the former Empire. Next they talk to Kuill. That’s when they find out the Ugnaught picked up the IG-11 droid that Mando blasted in episode 1. The IG-11 droid was re-programmed to serve and protect rather than hunt and destroy.

Mando meets up with Greef and his crew outside the city. They camp overnight before heading into the city to trick the Imperial client and kill him. During the night they are attacked by some flying creatures that end up poisoning Greef. Little Yodes is able to Force-heal him. In the morning they proceed to the city. Once at the city limits, Greef spins around and shoots the two bounty hunters he brought with him. He lets Mando know the original plan was to jump him there and take his body and Little Yodes to the Imperial client. He had a change of heart when Little Yodes saved his life.

So, new plan is to bring Mando in cuffed with the little child carrier empty. Kuill is secretly sent back to the Razorcrest with Little Yodes. Once they get in front of the client, Mando is to shoot him. Then they hope the mercenaries will all leave since their paycheck has been killed. The plan might have worked if not for another Imperial bad guy showing up The client receives a call from Moff Gideon. He lets him know he is there for Little Yodes. His Death Troopers fill the place with laser fire killing the client and his Stormtroopers. When Mando peeks outside he sees the Death Troopers and a bunch of personnel carriers delivering more troops.

Then you see and hear the TIE Fighter. The coolest TIE Fighter I’ve ever seen lands and Moff Gideon gets out. Mando breaks radio silence and tells Kuill to get back to the ship quickly and take off without them. Unfortunately that message was intercepted and a coupla biker scouts cut him down within eyesight of the Razorcrest. They scoop up Little Yodes and head back to the city.

The episode ends with Mando, Greef, and Cara pinned down in the building. Kuill is presumably dead and we don’t know what the re-programmed IG-11 is up to. There is much despair for Mando right now. There is one episode left in season one. We can’t wait to see how they get out of this predicament and leave us wanting more in season 2.

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