Disney Plus Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 3 review with spoilers

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Episode 3 of the Mandalorian had such a Nerdtastic moment that it almost brought tears to our eyes. The Mando delivered the asset and collected his payment of a buttload of Beskar steel. BTW, pay attention to that scene, the camtono is a throwback reference to Willrow Hood running through Bespin carrying that same type of safe.

The Mando takes the Beskar to their hideaway. Some of the Mandos don’t like the fact he worked with some remnants of the Empire since they are the ones responsible for them having to hide. There is a little scuffle, but they decide they are on the same side and make peace. The blacksmith/armorer agrees to make the Mando a new breastplate to replace the one that was thrashed by the mudhorn. He wears his new Beskar armor to get his new bounty target. All the other bounty hunters are jealous of his big payday.

long story short, he has second thoughts about turning over the baby Yoda. He goes all John Wick on the stormtroopers guarding the location. He grabs baby Yoda and heads back to his ship.
Unfortunately that sets off all the bounty hunters tracking fobs and they head him off in the street. He does a pretty good job of holding them off for a while. Just when it looks like he is penned down with no hope… The rest of the Mandos show up to rescue him. You see jetpack Mandos, heavy artillery Mandos, and every other conceivable type of Mando. They clear the way for him to get to his ship.

Greef Carga gets the drop on the Mando in his ship, but is quickly shot out of the back hatch. As the Mando is flying away one of the jetpack Mandos flies next to him like the Rocketeer, salutes him, and leaves.

This episode, while short, was packed with great storytelling and awesome action. When the jetpack Mandos made an appearance I had a Clone Wars flashback. The story should really start picking up on action now since EVERY bounty hunter in the universe should be coming after him. Maybe we will start to see some of the big name bounty hunters make appearances.
Have you watched all the episodes yet? What did you think about the third episode? Did we miss any Easter eggs? Let us know in the comments.

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