Disney Plus Star Wars The Mandalorian episode 1 review

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Disney Plus launched November 12th on the back of their exclusive Star Wars based show “The Mandalorian”. With about 10 million subscribers in the first day, I would say it was a good move.

This review is chock full of spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, do that first. Then come back here and fanboy out with us.

The first episode has lots of references to the other Star Wars properties. It also has some big name cameos. Pedro Pascal plays the title character. At least we think that is him. He never removes his helmet. There is even a little joke about it in the episode. Carl Weathers portrays a bounty guild admin. He collects the targets from bounty hunters and pays them for their haul. Nick Nolte lent his voice to an Ugnaught that helps the Mandalorian out. Werner Herzog plays someone with a special high price bounty. Taika Waititi gives a great voice performance as IG-11, the bounty hunting droid. There are lots more big names in future episodes.

This first episode really captured the feel of the original trilogy while also developing a new seedy underworld to the Star Wars Universe. The movies have only shown us the big heroes and villains. The Mandalorian is introducing us to all the important players on the fringe of the overarching Star Wars story. We can’t wait for the second episode to be available for streaming so we can geek out some more.

Have you watched the first episode yet? Do you agree with us that it is the shot in the arm that Star Wars needs right now? Let us know in the comments.

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