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This episode is titled “Penultimate Patrol”. I had to look up the meaning of that word. Now that I know the definition, the title is very fitting. Penultimate just means next to last. As this is the next to last episode… I get the joke.

Just when we thought we were rid of Cyborg, they bring him back in. Why must DC punish us?

We get a little bit of the impetus behind why Eric Morden became Mr. Nobody…unless that is just something he made up to help bait his trap for Doom Patrol.

Cyborg re-installs GRID and is able to locate the Beard Hunter using the tracking device Rita planted on him. They find that he is now a resident of Danny the Street.

Jane was about to torture some answers out of the Beard Hunter when Danny the Street confessed he knew where Chief was being held. Mr. Nobody had him in the white space on the comic book pages. The place where there is no content.

Flex Mentallo is able to open a portal into the white space (after a brief mistake of flexing the wrong muscle and causing a little inadvertent pleasure). Once inside the white space the Doom Patrol confronts Mr. Nobody. They believe they have defeated him only to find out it was part of his plan.

Mr. Nobody convinces Chief the only way to escape is to “Let the truth set you free”. Chief agonizes over this decision, but ultimately comes clean with the group. The accidents that gave them powers and changed their lives forever…. weren’t accidents! The Chief orchestrated each event.

Will the group support Chief? Will they leave him with Mr. Nobody? Will they rage and destroy the Chief in front of Mr. Nobody (which is probably what he wants anyway? Let us know in the comments.

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