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Episode 9 is by far our favorite episode of season 1. This episode is very focused on Crazy Jane’s mind. After her Karen persona gets pulled back into the Underground (this is what they call Jane’s mind), none of the personalities wants to go to the surface (what they call being the dominant personality). This causes her body to go into a catatonic state.

Robotman is able to enter her mind through Negative Man’s energy. Once inside her mind we see that some of the personalities look like Jane and others do not. We are introduced to a few new personalities that haven’t gone to the surface. Most of them do not like going to the surface as they find the real world stressful to deal with.

We also find out that the personalities are able to commit suicide by going to the well. One of the personalities, Miranda, had done that. Miranda’s station is filled with lots of dark and gory imagery. Jane is at the end of her rope and is going to visit the well to end it all.

Robotman is able to track her down to the well and helps her face the root of all her problems. As a child she was sexually abused by her father. She repressed all those memories until years later she was again sexually abused by a priest at a church. This explains her hatred of the church in the Nurnheim episode.

With Robotman’s help, Jane is able to stave off the suicidal tendencies for now. When Jane pops back to the surface we discover the others had some sort of kerfuffle. I imagine we will find out what happened with them in a future episode.

Do you agree with us that this is the best episode so far? Do you also think it should have been aired sooner in the line up? Let us know in the comments below.

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