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This is another in the long line of episodes where we bash Cyborg for being unnecessary to the story. Difference is we are adding Rita to that list now as well. She hasn’t really used her powers to help much of anything.

Good news is this isn’t another of the “weird Chief’s friends list”. Larry (Negative Man) and Cliff (Robot Man) finally get closure on their past lives and will hopefully be able to move on.

Larry visits his old boyfriend from before his accident after much coercing from the negative spirit. Come to find out his boyfriend led a very happy life, but always wondered what became of Larry.

Cliff finds out his ex-crew chief (Bump) had raised his daughter after both him and his wife died in the car crash. He had some resentment towards Bump for sleeping with his wife and then going on to raise his daughter. The only thing that his daughter got from him after the crash was a watch. She had the watch engraved and gave it to Bump as a gift. Cliff and his wife died while she was still very young so Bump is the only real father she remembers.

Bump, being a typical Florida redneck, decided to wander into the swamp to encounter a legendary alligator named Frances (hence the name of the episode). Of course the alligator ate Bump, watch and all. She was despondent that she didn’t have the watch to remember Bump. Cliff takes it upon himself to find Frances and get the watch back.

(Read this in your best Ted Knight voice) Meanwhile back at the Doom Patrol HQ… Rita notices a man missing from an ad in a comic book that was given to Cyborg by Danny the Street. Rita was able to tell them it was a muscle man character from back in her day. We believe this muscle man is Flex Mentallo who has crossed paths with Doom Patrol in the comics.

Jane and Cyborg track down Flex’s family and go to question them. When they get there Cyborg is kidnapped by the Bureau of Normalcy and taken to the Ant Farm.

This was not a bad episode, but it is not our favorite either. The fact that Cliff and Larry finally get closure should help the store progress towards saving the Chief without them lamenting about their sordid pasts.

Do you agree with us about Frances Patrol? Did you really like it and if so why? If you didn’t like it tell us why also.

We have also added a Google Voice number where you can call and leave us your thoughts.  If they are good, we will use them on the show.  The number is (575) 323-1332.


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