DC Comics Black Lightning on the CW

The CW network has been killing it with their DC Comics superhero related series. The Arrow paved the way for the Flash. Then they snatched up the rights to Supergirl from CBS to give them a solid trifecta of superhero shows. Now they are working on one of DC Comics lesser known and greatly under utilized characters, Black Lightning.

Jefferson Pierce grew up in the Southside section of Metropolis. This area was referred to as Suicide Slum because it was widely believed the only way to escape the degradation of the slum was to kill yourself. He pushed himself in athletics and academia. Jefferson was good enough to win a gold medal in the Olympic decathlon.

He returned to his old neighborhood with his wife Lynn Stewart and his daughter Anissa to become the principal of Garfield High School. The neighborhood came under control of a ruthless gang. Jefferson feared for the safety of his family and neighbors so he stopped repressing his mutant abilities and began fighting as Black Lightning.

He was originally depicted as having no mutant powers. He used a belt that allowed him to generate a force field and project electrical bolts. We later find out these powers exist due to Metagene and that he does in fact have control over lightning due to this mutation.

Black Lightning is able to shoot extremely powerful lightning bolts, ionize the atmosphere, create localized lightning storms, and create quick charges of electricity in his fists to give his punches more of a shock.

In addition to all these powers, Black Lightning can also transform himself into electricity. In his electrical form, Black Lightning is nearly invulnerable. He can’t be hit with physical objects, can’t be poisoned or infected with any diseases, and he doesn’t need air, food, or water to survive.

While in electrical form he is able to survive in space, travel the same way regular electricity, pass through walls or solid objects, and move extremely fast. He is able to create magnetic fields allowing him to move and control objects.

Black Lightning is more than just his name. He is capable of throwing black lightning. It is a mystical type of lightning that is literally colored black. It is fueled by his rage and he grows stronger as he gets angrier.

His powers allow him to absorb energy in order to make himself stronger. He can make himself stronger, faster, heal quicker, and produce more lightning. Any source of electricity will serve his purposes.

Black Lightning earned the respect of many DC Comics superheroes. Green Arrow in particular became a good friend and nominated him for membership in the Justice League. Black Lightning declined that invitation, but he did later become a valuable member of Batman and the Outsiders. He even filled the position of Secretary of Education under President Lex Luthor.

What are your thoughts about the CW developing a new DC Comics superhero series centered on Black Lightning? Do you want to see him cross-over into the other CW series? Is there a Black Lightning story-line you’d like to see covered in the series? Let us know in the comments below.

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