DC Comics Action Comics #987 and #988

DC Comics has been introducing lots of questions in their Rebirth initiative. Ever since Rebirth kicked off in May 2016 there have been hints of the Watchmen being pulled into the DC Comics Universe. We are just starting to see answers to our questions. Some of these answers have been in front of our face for some time.

Action Comics #987 and #988 is being solicited as telling us exactly who is the person behind the mysterious Mr. Oz. Both of these issues will have lenticular covers. If you are unfamiliar with what a lenticular cover is, it will show one picture when viewed at a particular angle and another picture when tilted at the opposite angle.

The solicited lenticular cover shows Superman’s biological father, Jor-El, on Krypton as it is about to explode. When you tilt it you notice a blue light engulfing Jor-El and saving him from destruction. This is causing lots of readers to speculate Mr. Oz is actually Jor-El. This would explain his infatuation and near obsession with Clark Kent’s life in Rebirth.

Do you believe Mr. Oz is actually Jor-El? If not, who do you think Mr. Oz actually is? Let us know in the comments.

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