DC Comics Action Comics #982 review

The Superman character under the DC Comics Rebirth initiative has been surprisingly good. Just recently the New 52 Superman and the pre-Flashpoint Superman & Lois Lane were merged. This merge was done by the pre-Flashpoint Jonathan Kent (Superman & Lois’s son). Now they are teasing that Superman has something to do with the Doomsday Clock one-shot coming up in November. Lots of things affecting the DC Comics Universe seem to hinge on this character.

**Warning- spoilers may follow**

Between now and November there is a lot of things happening to Superman. In Action Comics #982 we see Superman’s rogues gallery banding together to defeat the Kryptonian. General Zod leads this group of Superman foes (Eradicator, Blanque, Cyborg Superman, Metallo, Mongul) to the front door of the fortress of solitude.

Superman tunnels underground and up into the middle of his group of adversaries in order to give Lois and Jonathan time to escape. Superman has been weakened from his recent time in the Black Vault. The villains are in the midst of an epic beat down of Superman when a group of Superman’s friends show up to save him.

The group of Superman’s friends is made up of his cousin Supergirl, Steel, Superwoman, and Kenan Kong the New Super-man. The most surprising member of this group is Lex Luthor. It seems Lex has done a complete turn around from villain to hero.

Action Comics #983 should be true to it’s name and be chock full of superhero fighting action. Seeing these 2 obscenely overpowered groups going toe to toe should be crazy.

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