Talk Nerdy to Me Dark Tower,Shannara,Robin War

Talk Nerdy to Me Episode 11

In this episode Jack and Troy from discuss the hit MTV show, Shannara Chronicles, the upcoming Stephen King movie Dark Tower, and DC Comics Robin War crossover event.

Shannara Chronicles

Shannara Chronicles is based on the Terry Brooks fantasy book series of the same name.  It stars Manu Bennett as a kick-ass Druid and John Rhys-Davies as the Elf King.  It is set in a post human world where science is gone and magic rules.  The demons have been kept at bay in the Forbidding by the magical Ellcrys tree, but the Ellcrys is dying.  It is up to the heroes of the story to take the magic seed of the Ellcrys on a journey for it to become a viable seed and then return it to the Ellcrys so that it can replenish it’s health.  If they don’t complete their journey the Ellcrys will die and release all the demons back into the world.

Dark Tower

Stephen King’s Dark Tower book series is finally being made into a movie.  This series is 8 books long and the plot is too lengthy to tell here.  It is a cross between and old Clint Eastwood western and Lord of the Rings.  We recommend you read at least the first book in the series before the movie comes out so you can greater appreciate it.

Robin War

DC Comics Robin War is the Court of the Owls latest scheme.  They want to take over Gotham, but they also want Dick Grayson to join their ranks.  A lot of Bat family titles crossover in this event.  By the end of the event the Owls haven’t taken over Gotham, but they do get Grayson.

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