Daily Nerd Brief August 9 2018

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Hello fellow nerds. Here is your Daily Nerd Brief for August 9th. Today I talk about the following items:


Disney developing Nutcracker and the Four Realms movie
X-men: Dark Phoenix has 3 months of reshoots
Peyton Elizabeth Lee rumored to be Cassandra Cain in Birds of Prey
Sonic the Hedgehog casts Ben Schwartz for voice of Sonic
James Gunn may work on another Marvel franchise movie
Joker origin movie will not be tied to DCU continuity
Joe Manganiello is a huge Dungeons & Dragons player
Morbius rumored to have Martine Bancroft character
Oscars adding popular movie category


series based on “Hey There Delilah” song being developed
Runaways season 2 plays close to source material
Stephen King’s Castle Rock has tons of easter eggs
DC streaming developing Hush, Wonder Woman Bloodlines, Reign of the Superman, and Justice League vs. the Fatal Five


Hal Jordan and Green Lantern Corps ending with issue #50
Savage Dragon #237 has assassination attempts on Trump and Clinton
DC Nation #4 promises death of a major character
Super Sons get their own group of villains, the Gang
Bart Allen will be a key character in upcoming DCU timeline
IDW publishing Magic the Gathering comic featuring Chandra


Rogue Maquette on pre-order from Sideshow
Jet Power Optimus Prime on pre-order from Sideshow
Iron Man Mark L Accessories (Special Edition) on pre-order from Sideshow


Ikari Warriors trilogy being released for Nintendo Switch
Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Evee will have Mega-Evolutions
Blizzard announces several Diablo related projects in works
Coming Storm expansion for Dauntless available now
Deathgarden to be released early on Steam
Smash Bros adding new characters, items, etc

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