Daily Nerd Brief August 10 2018

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Hello my fellow nerds. Here is your Daily Nerd Brief for August 10th. Today I discuss the following items:


Legendary developing Superhero heist movie
Isabela Moner cast as Dora the Explorer
Idris Elba in running to be next James Bond
Tom Hardy to play Capone in Fonzo
Venom movie may be rated PG-13
Slender Man will not be shown in some Wisconsin theaters
Bloodshot will be springboard for other Valiant movies
Sony cancels Silver & Black movie (Silver Sable & Black Cat)
Sony developing movies for Nightwatch and Jackpot
Affleck will produce Batman movie, may not star in it
Predator movie will have Ultimate Predator
Open pod in Fortress of Solitude (Man of Steel) was not for Kara Jor-El
James Gunn script might be used for Guardians of the Galaxy 3


Amazon approves Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 2 & 3
Joivan Wade cast as Cyborg in DCU Doom Patrol
Gifted season 2 will not focus on Trask Industries
New villain, Spin, will be introduced on Flash
DC streaming will have Stargirl series
Black Lightning season 2 will have more Outsiders


WWE NXT: Blueprint #1 features Dusty Rhodes
Ron Lim & Mark Bagley working on Venom: First Host
Detective Comics #986 features Orphan & Karma
Three Jokers mini-series to explain the Morbius Chair revelation
Iris West remembers her pre-Flashpoint life
Image partners with CBLDF on Anti-Censorship variants
Supergirl gets new costume in Supergirl #21
Batman putting the Outsiders back together


Alice in Wonderland J. Scott Campbell statue from Sideshow – http://side.sh/9mp
Thanos 1:4 statue by Iron Studios – https://affiliates.sideshowtoy.com/Tracker.aspx?aid=3218&sku=903766&cid=-1
Funko introduces POP Pez dispensers


PUBG introduces Dodgebomb play mode
Cuphead has sold over 3 Million copies
Capcom releases Monster Hunter: World
Nintendo assures, Luigi was not murdered

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