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Talk Nerdy to Me First Episode

Jack and Troy recorded the very first episode of Talk Nerdy to Me at the Las Cruces Channel 98 studios.  That recording was so hot it burned up the recording machine (actually there was a mechanical failure of some of the equipment).

We headed back into the studio to catch “lightning in a bottle” once again.  The audio was stripped off that episode and converted to MP3 format for the podcast.  Now you can fill your ear-holes with the pleasant melodic tones of our voices discussing all things geeky.

Lots of comic book reviews and some updates about Las Cruces Comic are divulged in this episode.

Secret Wars

The story-line involves the Marvel Universe combining with various other alternate universes.  All the universes are coming together to form Battleworld.  Battleworld is a planet whose domains exhibit the aspects of the various universes. The planet is divided into many territories.  Most are self-contained.  There are “pocket universes” where a specific story-line or universe resides and evolves. Various versions of individual Marvel characters can be present multiple times on the Battleworld. For example, there is a Tony Stark present in many of the territories.  The Kingdom of Manhattan has both the Earth-1610 and the Earth-616 versions. The stories depicted in the miniseries about each domains characters powers and personal histories vastly differ from the one portrayed in the main Marvel universe(s).

DC Comics Convergence

Over a number of decades in the 20th century, DC Comics re-imagined its staple characters and concepts and acquired comic book properties from rival publishers. Classic characters that were replaced were then brought back, and explained as residing on Earth-Two. Those of other publishers lived on fanciful worlds such as Earth-S and Earth-X. This storytelling device, positing an infinite “Multiverse” of worlds full of heroes and villains, fed many DC stories for some time.

In 1985 DC chose to simplify its continuity with a crossover story called Crisis on Infinite Earths.  In this story all of the Multiverse was combined into a single world with one amalgamated history. Subsequent “crisis” story-lines have seen reality threatened and reshaped again. Often as a way of adjusting the fictional history of the setting of DC’s stories. Stories like this include Zero Hour: Crisis in Time and Infinite Crisis.  They brought back the Multiverse concept with 52 finite worlds.  Final Crisis story-line is where the destruction of the Multiverse was narrowly averted. Flashpoint resulted in the 52-world Multiverse resetting.  This brought the contemporary setting of DC Comics published until Convergence under the branding “The New 52”.

The Grant Morrison comic book The Multiversity explored the complete meta-history of the Multiverse.  Most of all it mapped out a majority of the 52 worlds which make it up since Flashpoint.


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