Talk Nerdy to Me Comics, movies, TV shows

Talk Nerdy to Me Comics, movies, TV shows

This week we talk about comics, movies, TV shows, and the upcoming El Paso Comic Con.

El Paso Comic Con

El Paso Comic Con is coming up in April 2016.  We have lots of cool little insider information just for our viewers.


Dark Knight III: The Master Race

Jack picks Dark Knight III: The Master Race.  The Dark Knight III: The Master Race is an eight-issue DC Comics limited series. The series is a sequel to Miller’s 1986 Batman miniseries The Dark Knight Returns and the 2001 miniseries The Dark Knight Strikes Again, continuing the story of an aged Bruce Wayne resuming his identity as a crimefighter, aided by his sidekick Carrie Kelley (Catgirl) and featuring an ensemble of DC Universe characters including Superman and Wonder Woman. In DK III, Ray Palmer restores the inhabitants of Kandor to full-size, but they immediately begin to terrorize the Earth. Batman sets out to assemble his former allies against the invaders.

Invader Zim

Troy has two picks this week.  The first is Invader Zim. The series centers on Zim.  He is a member of the imperialistic Irken race.  The Irken are an extraterrestrial species whose social hierarchy is based on height rather than any type of skill. The Irken leaders, known as The Almighty Tallest rule the Irken Empire together because they are exactly the same height. Zim is banished to the planet Foodcourtia. He absentmindedly attacked his own planet and allies during Operation Impending Doom I.

When Zim learns of Operation Impending Doom II, he leaves Foodcourtia and arrives at the Great Assigning, where Irken Elite soldiers are chosen to become Invaders–soldiers whose missions are to blend in with the indigenous life forms of their assigned planet, collect intelligence and prepare the planet for conquest by the Irken Armada. Zim pleads with the Tallest to assign him a planet and, in a desperate act to get Zim as far away as possible, they send him on an arbitrary mission to a planet on the outskirts of their known universe which has never been explored. Zim is joined by GIR, an ineffective and erratic Standard Issue Information Retrieval (SIR) unit.

How Zim gets to Earth

As it turns out, this “mystery planet” is Earth and Zim forms his base of operations there. According to the DVD commentaries, Invader Zim takes place in an alternate universe of its own, with a present-day Earth more somewhat technologically advanced than the real Earth. The remainder of the show centers on Zim’s time “infiltrating” the human race at a school, or in his home planning attempts at world domination and the enslavement of humanity. Opposing Zim is his classmate Dib Membrane, who is obsessed with the paranormal and supernatural and is determined to expose Zim as an alien.


The second pick is Spider-Woman.  This one is interesting as coming out of Secret Wars we learn Jessica is pregnant.  Who is the baby daddy?  We don’t find out in the first issue.


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