Talk Nerdy to Me Civil War movie preview

Talk Nerdy to Me Civil War movie preview

Jack and Troy from discuss the upcoming Marvel movie, Civil War. In the comics during a televised raid of a house containing recently escaped villains Nitro let off a massive explosion.  The explosion killed the majority of the New Warriors as well as the children at a nearby elementary school.

This tragedy prompted the U.S. Government to enact the Superhuman Registration Act. Intention of this act was to register all super-powered beings as living weapons of mass destruction. It also required all costumed heroes to unmask themselves before the government and subject themselves to federally mandated standards.

This event triggered negative public opinion against the super-heroes. SHIELD requested Captain America to become part of the enforcement of super heroes to register. When Captain America refused SHIELD Director Maria Hill ordered SHIELD’s Anti-Superhuman Response Unit to tranquilize him. This attempt failed and Cap escaped and went underground.

The super-heroes met to discuss the best course of action with Uatu the Watcher looking on. In a secret meeting with the President Iron Man suggested he proceed and push the registration act.  Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, and Yellowjacket vowed to bring Captain America to ground.

The Superhero Registration Act

The Superhero Registration Act became law. Some of the first unregistered heroes to be captured were the Young Avengers. Captain America and the Falcon with the help of Wiccan were able to rescue the Young Avengers and rendezvous to their base. The Young Avengers were recruited into the Resistance.

At a press conference in Washington DC Iron Man gave a speech introducing Spider-Man to the podium. Spider-Man talked about how over the past years he had kept his identity a secret. He spoke about the registration act and how it gave superheroes a choice.

They could continue the trend Captain America advocated and have people with powers completely unchecked or they could go legitimate and earn back a little public interest. To demonstrate his support of the Act Spider-Man unmasked himself and revealed to the world that he was Peter Parker.

Iron Man traveled to the X-Men Mansion to recruit Emma Frost and the X-Men. Emma explained to Stark the X-Men would not sign the registration act. They viewed hunting down other heroes violated everything they stood for.

She told him they know what it’s like to fight the good fight while being persecuted. Frost said that as long as the pro-registration side left the X-Men alone they would not join Captain America’s resistance.

Iron Man sets a trap

As Captain America, Hercules, Daredevil, and Goliath were discussing their new secret identities they received news of a petrochemical plant fire with three or four hundred workers trapped inside. Iron Man set the emergency up as a trap for the Secret Avengers.

Iron Man gave Captain America one last chance to register. He offered a chance to explain things. Captain America answered by striking the first blow and disabling Iron Man’s armor. A battle ensued ending with Iron Man savagely beating Captain America.

Thor appeared and lashed out against Captain America’s Secret Avengers. Thor used his hammer to prevent the Secret Avengers from escaping. Thor blasted a hole through Goliath’s chest during the fighting.

Thor continued his assault. The Invisible Woman used her powers to protect the Secret Avengers and allow them to escape. Thor was revealed to be a clone. Stark had engineered Thor and his mechanical hammer to serve the government. His violent murder of Goliath was an unforeseen error in his programming.

Things get out of hand

The death of Goliath caused several members to switch allegiance. The Pro-Registration side lost more members than anticipated. Operations had to be put in action faster than planned.

Iron Man assembled a new group of Thunderbolts to hunt down the Secret Avengers. This new group included some very brutal villains.

The resistance mounted an attack against the pro-registration’s holding facility in the Negative Zone. This attack released the prisoners. The fighting between many of Earth’s heroes led to the middle of Times Square.

Captain America was about to deliver a finishing blow to Iron Man. Several emergency workers tackled Captain America. Captain America realized the damage war was doing to the city and its civilian population. He unmasked and surrendered.

Captain America was shot multiple times on the steps of a Federal Courthouse.  He died as a result of these shots.

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