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This month brought me the Bespoke Post “Essence” box. The contents of the box are an Alkemista bottle with a built in infuser and one packet of flavor. Since this was my first foray into infusing flavor into liquor, I opted for a relatively inexpensive brand of whiskey to see if the flavor infusing made a difference in the taste of the whiskey. Watch the video to see if my essence infusing was successful.

Manufacturer Description

Make your Old Fashioned less old-fashioned. Or your Gin & Tonic, or your Sazerac, or any cocktail, really. Custom-flavored spirits are a solid way to make traditional cocktails come alive, and to help you come up with brand new creations of your own. The Alkemista is an easy way to infuse your spirits, cocktails, and bitters — or even iced tea, oil, or vinegar — with a little help from the infusion experts over at Ethan+Ashe.

Alkemista Infusion Vessel Total Capacity: 950 ml, Filter Capacity: 200 ml

Ethan+Ashe Combining the design of a classic spirits bottle with the fine mesh filter of a Japanese teapot, the Alkemista will have you sipping your own custom-flavored booze in no time. The process is as simple as placing your chosen flavorings in the stainless steel base, filling the bottle with alcohol, and letting it do its thing. It works with all kinds of fresh and dried fruit, spices, and herbs, and the ultra-fine filter will keep solid particles out of the finished product.

Once you’ve flavored your drink to the desired level, you can serve it right then and there, or remove the filter and store it like you would any liquor. It can hold just under a liter, so feel free to do both. The borosilicate glass bottle is dishwasher safe, and the stainless steel filter and other parts are easy to hand wash. So dim the lights and put on a favorite album: It’s happy hour.

Black Denim Infusion Blend 15 g

Ethan+Ashe This is a custom spice blend concocted by the inventors of the Alkemista themselves, made to add a touch of smoky sweetness to any spirit or cocktail. Inspired by the ‘80s Hollywood club scene and crafted with clove, vanilla, and spice, it’ll pair well with just about anything — whiskey, rum, vodka, you name it.

Includes one 15 g infusion packet (enough to infuse up to 750 ml of spirits) Ingredients: Cinnamon, orange peel, black tea, star anise, clove, vanilla.

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