Talk Nerdy to Me Ben Jones interview

Talk Nerdy to Me Ben Jones interview

Jack and Troy from talk with artist Ben Jones about his history in comics and about his upcoming independent comic “Asgard”. Ben Jones is working on his first independently owned comic book titled “Asgard”. The comic is a sci-fi fantasy tale.  It is theology mixed up with mythology.  You will see lots of characters you know from other stories.

There will be a KickStarter campaign for this comic book.  It is currently scheduled to begin August 16, 2016.  There will be lots of great things for each level of support you pledge.  Ben has even promised some very awesome stretch goals.  Keep checking in to see what is new with the Asgard Graphic Novel on Facebook.

The Asgard Graphic Novel has been a life long dream of Ben’s.  He has always wanted to have his very own self created title in print.  By the end of 2016 his dream will become a reality.  On August 16th go to KickStarter and help him get this book into the hands of as many readers as possible.

Under Loki’s orders we have searched the nine realms for the Architect’s seals of creation in hopes of creating a weapon to break the invasion at Asgard’s steps. My sister, Muninn and I have ventured to the Pantheons of the Gods but no power, no ally, and no hopes have been found. I have calculated every possible strategy, each ending in the same results. Asgard will fall.

“Asgard” is a mash-up of mythology and theology. What would happen if the gods were forced to take sides and fight?

Ben expects the first issue of this multi-part epic story to be available by the end of 2016.

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