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DC Comics has done a lot to right the ship. They took a beating over their New 52 initiative. Things looked a little better with Forever Evil, but they took a big nasty turn with their Convergence story-line.

A lot of readers were skeptical when DC Comics announced their Rebirth line wide event. They hadn’t exactly been crushing it with their events. Rebirth has been exactly what DC Comics needed. They have mixed the right amount of teasing with a good amount of revealing. It has been enough to keep most people interested in the event. The continuity between titles has been pretty tight as well. That is something that had been lacking in the past from both of the Big 2.

With all of the hype of the possible Watchmen tie-ins to the DC Universe, they started an even more ambitious event within the Rebirth timeline. DC Comics is teaming Gcott Snyder and Greg Capullo back up to give us Dark Nights Metal.

Scott Snyder has said “I’ve been planning METAL for as long as I’ve been writing Batman, but I want METAL to be built upon the stories happening now in Rebirth. Most of all we want to create new material that feels really modern and different. And above all, it’s going to be fun. Even with terror and nightmares, it won’t be grim. DARK NIGHTS: METAL will be celebratory, huge and crazy.”

Dark Days the Forge and Casting were lead-in titles to the Dark Nights Metal series. They set up the story with Batman researching Nth metal and the Dark Multiverse. Dark Nights Metal will delve into the Nightmare Batmen. Each of them is one of Batman’s worst nightmares about himself made flesh. Every one represents a time in his career that he could have gone wrong or too far and become villainous himself.

Every Nightmare Batman is inspired by members of the Justice League. What if Bruce Wayne took a wrong turn as a kid and decided to try to bring his parents back to life by any means? What if after Superman died, he had gone too far experimenting with Doomsday’s DNA to prevent such a tragedy from happening again? What if he declared war on Ares? Or tried to harness the Speed Force?

Snyder explains The Nightmare Batmen are lead by the Batman Who Laughs. This is the only one not already revealed. It is very apparent he is Batman’s worst nightmare inspired by his rivalry with his greatest foe, the Joker.

There will be seven one-shot comics explaining origins of the Nightmare Batmen. The plan is to bring out a new series of books under the Dark Matter Universe. A few of those titles are The Terrifics, Immortal Men, and New Challengers.

Are you looking forward to seeing the Nightmare Batmen? Do you think the new Dark Matter Universe will be a hit? Let us know in the comments.

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