Batman Dark Nights Metal #1 review

In Batman: Dark Nights Metal #1 a lot of the mystery surround Nth metal is being explained.

We get to see a little bit of Mongol in the beginning, but he doesn’t have a significant part in the story (yet). We get introduced to Kendra Saunders and the Blackhawks. They have been trying to prevent the Dark Multiverse from emerging behind the scenes.

Bruce Wayne comes into possession of Carter Hall’s (Hawkman) journal. In the journal he reads that Carter has been investigating the Nth Metal and he mentions the tribes and a god named Barbatos.

As Bruce is contemplating the meaning behind the journal and the recent unexplained events, The Dream of the Endless appears to him. Dream tells him the nightmare has only begun. This probably alludes to the coming of the Dark Multiverse and the NIghtmare Batmen. What makes this especially interesting is this version of Dream is Daniel Hall. His grandfather is none other than Carter Hall. That’s right, the guy that spent his many lifetimes investigating the Nth metal and left his journal for Bruce to find.

So far the Dark Nights Metal series is off to a good start. It is hard to imagine how they are gonna tie all of this in with the Nightmare Batmen one-shots and the Superman/Dr. Manhattan story-line. I have faith in Dan Jurgens, Scott Snyder, and Geoff Johns. I am expecting a huge resolution that will shake the very pillars of the DC Universe.

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