Bad Idea Comics Tankers #1 review

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Bad Idea Comics is really making a name for themselves in the comic book world. Their unorthodox advertising and great production quality has set them apart from the other publishers. Tankers is the second comic they have published. This is a story about an oil company that is trying to prevent a worldwide shortage of oil. To do that they go to the source… dinosaurs. You read that correctly. They develop time travel for the sole purpose of going back in time and preventing the meteor from hitting Earth, thus preventing the demise of the dinosaurs. What they didn’t account for was if the meteor doesn’t kill the dinos, what will? The answer is … nothing. Watch the video for my review of Tankers #1.

Publisher Description

The CEO of global energy conglomerate Greenleaf Oil has just discovered a terrifying secret: the planet only has a decade or less of petroleum left before it’s gone forever. But he has a plan to make sure his great-great grandchildren can continue to generate maximum shareholder value – and secure his own legacy in the process. Rather than develop a game-changing renewable energy source through the power of corporate innovation, Greenleaf has perfected the next best thing – time travel (duh) – so that a team of six field-rat contractors armed to the teeth in individually customized mech suits can go back to the Cretaceous Period, tweak the trajectory of the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, and give mankind another 500 millennia worth of oil reserves. What could go wrong? Only all of human history, of course – because when Greenleaf’s team of Tankers come home, they’ll discover that not only did the dinosaurs never die out, they’ve kept evolving for another 60 million years…and they’re more pissed off than ever.

** Robert Venditti (writer) // Juan Jose Ryp (art + covers) // Jordie Bellaire (colors) **

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