Aquaman trailer reaction

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I am probably in the minority here, but I like the DC Superhero movies. I thought Justice League was actually pretty good. I was a little skeptical that they would be able to make Aquaman a relevant character in the movie. Arthur Curry seems to be the butt of many jokes in the comic book fandom world. Then they announced Jason Momoa would be the one playing Aquaman and I became very worried.

My fear was misplaced as Jason Momoa did a great job portraying Aquaman in the Justice League movie. DC then announced that Aquaman would be getting his own solo title and my heart stopped. If the Aquaman movie bombed after Batman vs Superman & Justice League under-performing at the box office, it could spell doom for DC Superhero movies.

Judging by this trailer, it seems my fear was misplaced once again. The graphics are amazing, the story-line is compelling, and Jason Momoa has the right amount of humor and charm to make Aquaman a like-able character. This may be the movie that changes the tide for DC Superhero movies. I certainly hope so as I would like to see many more stories from many more DC characters in the future.

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